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Function inspires form with Decoustics linear Cross Piece Grille

Function inspires form with the building’s curvilinear layout and minimalist interior design. Architecture49 Inc. aimed to deliver a harmonious transition of the ceiling from the exterior of the building to the interior, carefully selecting products that helped mitigate noise inside and had no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. Decoustics linear Cross Piece Grille finished in […]

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HEAR the difference that high performance acoustical products make in the indoor environment

Our environment is constantly filled with sound. Sound is produced by person’s vocal cords, the thrum of an HVAC system, or a jackhammer against concrete. These vibrations travel through the air or other media (e.g., ceilings, floors, and walls) to the listener’s ears. In many cases, we tend to ignore daily sounds, but when those […]

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