Decoustics Leadership Team

Decoustics Leadership Team

A company’s success requires proven, reliable and innovative leadership.

Decoustics is part of the CertainTeed® ceilings group headquartered in Malvern, PA, parent company Saint-Gobain, France. Saint-Gobain group leverages some of the world’s most recognized brands in the construction industry and employs over 179,000 people in 67 different countries.

Decoustics is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain and is managed by a team of proven, reliable and innovative leaders that come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them years of experience, industry knowledge and business expertise. The team focuses on delivering customer satisfaction through setting the high standard of excellence that can be found in our every product and service.

Christian Kellet

Christian Kellett

General Manager

Christian Kellett was appointed General Manager of Decoustics in 2011 after his position as Director of Planning & Development at CertainTeed corporation, Decoustics’ parent company.

Christian served for seven years as an officer in the US Navy and is an avid cyclist.

In his current role, Christian established a proven track record of delivering customer satisfaction and business success. He is focused on exceeding corporate and customer goals, and delivering innovative solutions with measurable results.

Simone Abele

Simone Abele

Director of Sales & Marketing

Simone joined Decoustics in 2016 as Director of Sales & Marketing. She brings 20+ years of experience as a Marketing Executive.

Simone was previously the VP of Marketing for American Standard Canada where she was responsible for many aspects of the business, but she is particularly proud of her involvement in growing the luxury segment of the company from 1993-2015.

In her current role, Simone is focused on growing Decoustics’ brand reach and product portfolio with the support of new technologies and marketing elements.

Lou Bartrella

Lou Bartella

Senior Engineering and Operations Manager

Lou joined Decoustics in December 2017 in the role of Engineering Manager. Lou has a Mechanical Engineering degree and brings over 30 years of Product Engineering and Manufacturing experiences from roles in a number of companies and industries including several custom display companies and an LED company. His experiences include running and managing Design, Project Management and Operations to develop and deliver custom solutions to targeted budgets.

Lou’s current role is to oversee Engineering at Decoustics and to also share his experiences within the group to strengthen the areas in Project Management as well as Manufacturing.

Sumedh Paradkar

Sumedh Paradkar


Sumedh joined Decoustics in 2012 as Controller and brings 20+ years of experience in Finance and Controlling. In his previous role as Plant Controller for Adfors Saint-Gobain he was responsible for plant accounting functions including costing and ERP implementations at senior management level.

At Decoustics, Sumedh’s involvement is on a larger scale for the overall company finance and the custom nature of the business makes it more engaging. In this role Sumedh is focused on ensuring the financial objectives are met or surpassed and there is quality data available for analysis.

Ali Chitsaz

Ali Chitsaz

Technical and Product Development Manager

Ali joined Decoustics in 2014 as Technical and Product Development Manager. He works closely with internal sales, engineering and production teams to support architects and sales representatives with technical expertise and innovative solutions. He is a certified Professional Mechanical Engineer in Australia with over 10 years’ background in Oil & Gas, HVAC industries and extensive experience in managing large-scale Canadian construction projects.

Ali has been instrumental in developing one of a kind, custom made products to satisfy the growing demand for acoustical interior building finishes.

Alan Wang

Alan Wang

Production Manager

Alan joined Decoustics in 2011 and assumed the role of Production Manager in 2014. He brings over 10 years of experience in production management, planning, inventory control, health & safety and customer service.

Alan leverages his extensive background of over 15 years in fiberglass engineering and project management of several complex R&D projects.

In his current role, Alan is focused on daily production management, EHS, product quality and process improvement, new employee recruitment and training for continued growth and business development.

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