Application: Financial


Adding the warmth of wood combined with excellent acoustical performance Rondolo ceiling panels finished in walnut natural wood veneer are an ideal choice for the high-end offices of Federal Home Loan Bank in NYC.

Micro-perforated Rondolo panels achieve Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) levels of up to 0.95, which helps mitigate noise and deliver great acoustics throughout the hallways and meeting spaces. Micro-perforations virtually disappear at a distance providing the aesthetic of a solid wood panel.

Rondolo panels are suspended using fully accessible Ceilencio grid, complete with factory attached designed returns for added depth and curved on the corners to hold the fluid shape of the ceiling.

Beautifully complementing the aesthetics of this unique open-concept office space, Claro ceiling panels finished in CSW-100 white coating deliver high light reflectance and excellent acoustical performance.

Bank with painted wood ceiling and walls

Over 10,000 square feet of Decoustics’ color-matched Solo Planks encase the interior posts of a prominent bank in Cambodia – Acleda Bank.

conference room with wood walls and white ceiling

Premium Quadrillo wall panels deliver excellent acoustical performance inside this Financial Client’s headquarters. The unique acoustical grooves and perforations virtually disappear at a distance making the appearance seamless and monolithic. All panels are finished in responsibly sourced FSC® C020536 certified natural American Black Walnut veneer with a clear lacquer to add a rich and lustrous feel.


Meeting space with white and wood ceilings

Open space with wood ceiling

Quadrillo QPP 19 finished in quarter-cut, slip matched American Black Walnut veneer adds warmth to the meeting space inside this New York Bank of America. The auditorium is complete with cascading ceiling finished in Claro. Both products are also seen throughout the hallways and reception area, delivering exceptional acoustical performance.

Design return curved wood ceiling