Attribute: Curved

Auditorium with s-shaped wood ceiling

Quadrillo panels undulate from the rear of the auditorium producing a continuous flow between the ceiling to the wall. Constructed from absorptive and reflective material the panels deliver crisp sounds and speech intelligibility inside the auditorium. Panels are finished in a custom toned Ash wood veneer.

Restaurant with white fabric dome ceiling

Custom curved 2” thick fiberglass panels wrapped in acoustical fabric and mounted in a custom curved aluminum suspension system are installed seamlessly into Statoil’s headquarters in Stavanger, Norway. LINK Arkitektur, architects based out of Norway, specified Decoustics products for installation into the space, and Byggmester Sagan successfully installed the panels so that they masterfully mimic the curve of the dome. The outcome is a spectacular dome ceiling that is an architectural statement within Statoil’s headquarters.

The auditorium walls are outfitted with flat and sloped Quadrillo panels finished in Cherry veneer. The veneer is custom toned to match seats and other millwork elements. The ceiling incorporates cascading Claro acoustical panels and design returns to conceal projectors and add depth.

conference room with wood walls and white ceiling

Premium Quadrillo wall panels deliver excellent acoustical performance inside this Financial Client’s headquarters. The unique acoustical grooves and perforations virtually disappear at a distance making the appearance seamless and monolithic. All panels are finished in responsibly sourced FSC® C020536 certified natural American Black Walnut veneer with a clear lacquer to add a rich and lustrous feel.


Cafeteria qith white cloud nuvola ceiling

Conferece room with curved ceiling tiles and dome in the middle

Conference room with curved white ceiling

Restaurant with curved white ceiling

Restaurant with curved brown fabric ceiling

Custom-engineered Ceilencio® suspension system holds the pre-curved Fabric panels perfectly aligned throughout the radial installation of the ceiling. The plenum remains 100% downward accessible with the use of torsion springs. Panels hinge down for maintenance and repairs, and are locked right back into placed using guiding fins on the aluminum-extruded grid. The entire installation is quick, easy and seamless.

Auditorium with sloped wood ceiling

This classroom ceiling is finished with quarter cut Decoustics’ Solo planks that are slip matched in a beech veneer.