Attribute: Custom shape

Kitchen with Abstract shaped wood ceiling

Uniquely shaped Quadrillo acoustical panels finished in Anigre wood veneer deliver a floating effect through the use of concealed grid. The segments stretch from the lunch room, to the coffee bar, over the reception area and though hallways and open collaboration areas of this entire office floor.

Walkway hallway with white ceiling

airport with white ceiling

McCarran International Airport is located about 5 miles (8km) south of Downtown Las Vegas, NV and serves over 50 million annual passengers. It spans over 2800 acres (11.3 sq km) of land and offers numerous choices for shopping, dining and entertainment including slot machines. Decoustics Claro Ceilencio is installed throughout the airport’s arrival and departure halls, customs, baggage areas, dining and hallways. Large stipple textured Claro panels deliver exceptional acoustical performance in this busy airport and brighten up the space by reflecting natural sunlight coming from the windows. Some areas feature extra large sloping panels, others are finished with design returns to create depth and conceal light fixtures. The entire ceiling plenum throughout the airport is 100% downward accessible with Ceilencio suspension grid. All panels can swing down using torsion springs and allow access for easy maintenance and repairs. The photos above were taken over 10 years post installation and the ceiling to this day is as functional and clean looking as it was in 2009 when the panels were originally installed.

Conference room with white ceiling
Custom shaped Claro finished panels, direct mount with integral returns as a signature statement to this high profile boardroom location.

Open space office with concave nuvola ceiling
The irregular curvature with a 3 inch seamless return provides a unique architectural elements and exceptional acoustic performance for the renovated offices of this financial management company.

Custom Shaped Acoustical Nuvola Clouds inside Forham Law Hall

Uniquely curved and shaped Nuvola® fiberglass ceiling panels, Quadrillo® wood veneered acoustic ceiling and wall panels and Claro® fiberglass panels installed into Ceilencio® suspension system manufactured by Decoustics are an ideal solution to the interior design and acoustic challenges of Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus, Law School and Residence Hall in New York City. Pei Cobb Freed and Partner Architects of New York specified the products for installation into the building’s banquet halls, lecture rooms and moot courtroom. The ceiling and wall panels create a dynamic look while addressing acoustic concerns and accessibility.

Hexagon shaped white ceiling

Hexagon shaped acoustical clouds finished in Decoustics Claro, an acoustically transparent stipple texture finish. Claro attains high levels of noise absorption and light reflectance of up to 94%.