Attribute: Geometric

The new Muscat International Airport, a “focal point for the world”, has just opened its doors. Spreading over 5,250 acres (21 sq km) it is the main international airport in Oman and a symbol of the modern state being built by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The new facility offers 64,500 sq ft of duty-free shopping, 4-star hotels with swimming pools, luxurious amenities and lounges for first class and business class passengers.

Providing a beautiful ceiling highlight throughout the airport’s hallways, lounge and awaiting areas are Decoustics high-performance Claro Ceilencio ceilings. Claro panels with seamless design returns are custom shaped to accommodate light coves and hold the geometrical design intent, and are colored-matched to compliment the décor while creating a relaxing ambiance. Claro ceiling panels attain high NRC levels and help manage acoustics and mitigate noise, leading to a stress-free and anxiety-reducing travel experience for the airport’s 20 million annual passengers.