Attribute: Linear

Function inspires form with the building’s curvilinear layout and minimalist interior design. Architecture 49 aimed to deliver a harmonious transition of the ceiling from the exterior of the building to the interior, carefully selecting products that helped mitigate noise inside and had no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. Decoustics linear Cross Piece Grille finished in natural American Maple wood veneer was selected to cover the interior ceiling of this Golf Chalet.

Cross Piece Grille’s wooden blades are manufactured with No-Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) materials and don’t emit VOCs. Noises are bounced between blades and dissipate into the plenum thus improving the acoustics inside the chalet otherwise containing a lot of reflective surfaces. Cross Piece blades are secured in place using dove tail assembly, which prevents them from being knocked over during maintenance and ensures perfect linear alignment throughout the entire ceiling. Additionally, all components are fire rated Class A and were delivered onsite fully-engineered and ready for installation, saving time and cost during construction.

Meeting all of the project objectives, the end result is a beautiful linear wood ceiling and warm wood aesthetic inside the chalet.

Slim Claro Baffles inside Perkins + Will Chicago office

Perkins+Will specified Claro® Baffles for the boardroom of their new office in Chicago. The design intent was to only partially cover the plenum while still attaining great sound absorption inside the room and keeping speech intelligible. Custom-engineered 1” (2.5 cm) thick Claro® Baffles with factory supplied Z-clips were directly mounted onto supplied ceiling track to deliver clean lines for this modern office design.