Attribute: Open Ceiling

Micro-perforated 6” (15.2 cm) high and 2” (5 cm) thick Rondolo® baffles are finished in factory standard American White Oak natural, rift cut and slip-matched wood veneer. Clear water-based UV lacquer top coat with 25% sheen delivers a lustrous shine and fiberglass infill attains excellent noise absorbing properties. Baffles are secured in place by monarch clips to a T-Bar grid preventing misalignment. Rondolo® wood Baffles eliminate echoing and make the space feel warm and inviting.

KPU Civic Plaza, also referred to as 3 Civic Tower, is a multi-purpose 52-storey building in downtown Surrey, BC that consists of luxury residences, hotel suites, retail units and Kwanten Polytechnic University (KPU) 5th campus. Adding depth to the university hallways’ ceiling are Decoustics 1″ and 2″ rectangular-shaped Claro Baffles suspended by D-Rings and Keepers on wires. The baffles are installed with uniform spacing and vary in length to create circular geometrical shapes. In addition to adding dimension and a decorative touch, the Claro Baffles effectively absorb noise and improve acoustics throughout these high traffic public areas.