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The walls of this Dyson flagship store inside prestigious Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, ON are outfitted with 2″ thick Decoustics acoustical panels finished in black Camira Sprint Chase PS004 fabric. Beautifully complementing the contemporary decor, the panels also deliver excellent acoustical performance and are fire rated Class A, making them a reliable choice for all public space applications.

Precision in engineering and accuracy during installation gives a dynamic appearance to the hallways and shopping areas of the Dubai International Financial Center. The size, pattern and reveals of Claro® ceiling panels perfectly mimic the size, pattern and lines of porcelain tiles on the floor. Creating an intriguing visual interest, the ceiling panels and floor tiles both change direction on the bend of the hallway creating a well balanced interior design. Claro panels are finished in CSW-100 white and deliver up to 94% light reflectance ensuring that the space remains bright and feels more spacious. Ceilencio suspension grid allows for the entire ceiling to remain 100% downward accessible making repairs and maintenance quick and effortless.

Art gallery

School hallway with white and green ceiling tiles

Movie theatre white blue walls

Individually framed LightFrame panels evenly illuminated this study room inside Berkley University of California and deliver excellent noise absorption.

Translucent acoustical LightFrame® panels were installed in a wall application inside Milford Plaza Hotel. In this project the architect chose to use natural sunlight as the source of illumination. Volare IA-85-OP fabric on the face and back of the panels diffuses natural light to deliver soft illumination making this hotel reception area feel cozy and inviting.

Hallway with backlit translucent fabric ceiling

Luminous and acoustical 80” (2.04 m) by 54” (1.37 m) LightFrame® panels were installed in this elevator lobby to keep the hallway bright and quiet. The panels absorb noise and reduce echoing in this space with a lot of sound reflecting surfaces. Structural utility channel in the middle helps to keep the panels securely in place and ensures perfect alignment.

Kitchen with Linear Grille wood ceiling