Attribute: Tongue and Groove

The new headquarters of the maker of notable whiskies, cognac and other fine spirits – The Sazerac Company – has recently opened its doors after a $50 million renovation. An empty and majestic five-story 1860-era New Orleans building was reborn with state-of-the-art museum focusing on spirits history, complete with a working distillery and interior finishes that capture the essence of a 19th century New Orleans drinking experience. Decoustics has custom-engineered and manufactured acoustical, micro-perforated Mahogany Rondolo planks that are direct mounted on the ceiling. Micro-perforations virtually disappear at a distance to deliver that authentic look and feel, while absorbing noises inside the busy museum. Reaching NRC levels of up to 0.95 the noises are mitigated and crisp sounds are carried to the visitors’ ears.