Material: Integrated

Stunning Decoustics fabric-wrapped baffles with Integrated LED lights and a mirror-finished edges brighten up this spacious dining space inside the newly built Saint-Gobain Headquarters in Courbevoie, France. The baffles were tailored to the exact sizes and specifications, and lighting was factory-configured to meet the desired illumination objectives of this space.

A custom acoustical and luminous solution was required for the exterior application outside of main lobby of the hospital. LightFrame® panels deliver both; however, were typically used in the interior application. Tasked with this objective, Decoustics completed wind load tests and tried variety of finishes for LightFrame® to find the desired result and deliver a high-performance product for the exterior application.

Newly renovated Amon Carter Museum of American Art explores the diversity and complexity of American creativity through expansive collection and exciting exhibitions. Lighting and acoustics inside the gallery are an integral part of the entire museum experience and were the driving objectives behind museum’s renovation this summer.

Collaborating with Schwartz/Silver Architects and lighting and museum design firm George Sexton Associates, Decoustics was involved early in the project to deliver a custom-engineered solution for this unique ceiling which provides even illumination resembling natural light, has excellent noise absorbing properties and allows access to the plenum. Our LightFrame Profile A was selected for this project and came a single-source system complete with: acoustical translucent fabric panels, LED light source and accessible suspension. Translucent LightFrame panels have acoustical Volare IA-85-OP fabric on the face to achieve soft light diffusion. The LED lights configuration and dimmers were tailored specifically for this space to attain the desired brightness and color temperature, and they are fixed onto an absorptive panel for added acoustical performance. The entire ceiling is suspended on swing-down aluminum Profile A system and allows effortless access to the plenum.

Decoustics is the only manufacturer capable of meeting such complex project parameters and delivering a custom solution as a single-source supplier. The result is a beautiful and functional ceiling, well illuminated space and environment with controlled acoustics for a pleasant experience inside the museum.

LightFrame acoustical panels provide even illumination and great acoustical performance inside the hand-off area of the Audi dealership in midtown Toronto, ON. LightFrame is constructed with translucent, acoustically perforated fabric that diffuses light delivering uniform illumination and presenting the vehicles in their “best light” to their new owners. Additionally, the perforations ensure that noises inside the room are absorbed by the panels which eliminates echoing and makes for a pleasant hand-off experience.

Conference room with backlit translucent fabric ceiling

Decoustics was awarded Section 9 specification for the high-performance acoustical ceilings throughout newly opened Jacobs Engineering Group headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Mini-perforated wooden Fori, translucent LightFrame and Fabric-wrapped panels were installed on a 100% downwardly accessible Ceilencio suspension system delivering ease of installation and precise fit to over 4,500 sq. ft. of custom engineered ceilings.

Providing even illumination and excellent acoustics inside the main boardroom are LED backlit Ceilencio LightFrame acoustical panels encased by quarter cut, slip-matched, mini-perforated, natural American Black Walnut wood veneered Fori panels. The reception area holds a similar design intent but with fabric-wrapped panels in the center and Fori panels around the perimeter. In addition to providing superior sound absorption, Fori panels add warmth to several meeting spaces throughout the office making the rooms feel more comfortable and inviting.


Showroom with backlit translucent fabric ceiling

Featured vehicles at over 60 Nissan dealerships are shown in their best light with the LED backlit LightFrame® ceiling panels that are integrated into a metal structure. This structure is not only an attractive focal point, but it is also functional as the custom-engineered LightFrame® panels evenly illuminate the featured vehicle and absorb noise to deliver speech intelligibility and comfortable shopping experience to Nissan’s clients.

A range of Decoustics’ acoustical products merge together to create a dynamic office space for one of the largest and most experienced global private equity firms, Advent International. The Boston-based Headquarters required to uphold the highest caliber in design and function to reflect the company and its prominent culture. Visnick & Caulfield architects captured their vision and developed a complex design that tells the story of not only Advent, but also the historic building that houses this bustling workplace.

Decoustics helped define the character and feel of every room. Inside the cafeteria Ceilencio Solo-M panels with Design Returns hold the fluid shape and add depth to the ceiling, while the contrasting, rich, natural Walnut wood veneer finish makes the space feel warm and inviting. Throughout the hallways the custom colored Ceilencio Solo-M ceiling panels create clean lines and fill the space with light; and inside the boardroom this ceiling system is beautifully complemented with LED lights that are integrated into the grid. The LED Ceilencio suspension allows for 100% downward accessibility to the plenum while making ceiling installation quick and easy.

The executive boardroom is outfitted with translucent, LED backlit LightFrame ceiling, which delivers even illumination and excellent acoustical performance. Reaching NRC levels of up to 0.9 LightFrame panels eliminate echoes inside the room while increasing the quality and clarity of speech.

The combination of Decoustics acoustical products delivered the modern office design with high acoustical performance. Our customization capabilities and wide range of products made specifying a breeze and the installation process quick and easy, while achieving all of the project’s objectives.