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Custom High-Performance Solutions for Acoustic Artistry

This presentation will provide best practices related to specifying creative acoustic solutions for indoor environments. The presentation will begin with an outline on why acoustics are an important consideration and how noise and excessive sound can impact productivity, health and overall experience in an indoor environment.

Next, this presentation will explore the science of sound and how sound is measured. Also, material will be presented to show modern options in custom-engineered products that provide high performance and flexible acoustic design that offer both noise control solutions without sacrificing creative design and beauty.

Finally, this presentation will offer real-world case studies that demonstrate how common challenges can be resolved, and client goals can be achieved through knowledgeable and thoughtful custom-engineered acoustic solution selections.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how excessive sound and noise can negatively impact occupants and visitors in indoor environments.
  2. Describe how sound is measured and strategies for managing noise.
  3. List different types of acoustic solutions available today that offer both noise management and aesthetic design options.
  4. Discuss how high-performance ceiling and wall solutions contribute to industry standards and certifications.

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Designed by MMC Architects Decoustics’ Continuous Linear Wood ceiling at Devonshire Mall is made with natural Douglas Fir veneer, quarter cut, slip matched and custom stained to deliver a refined appearance. Planks are constructed from No-Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) materials and finished with specialized water-based low VOC clear lacquer. All wood materials are responsibly sourced and FSC® (020536) certified by NEPCon, bearing the marks of the Rainforest Alliance®. Linear wood planks vary in width to match the ceiling installation on the exterior, and are mounted on a slope creating a dramatic finishing effect inside the mall’s hallways and dining areas.

For additional photos please visit the project page:

Function inspires form with the building’s curvilinear layout and minimalist interior design. Architecture49 Inc. aimed to deliver a harmonious transition of the ceiling from the exterior of the building to the interior, carefully selecting products that helped mitigate noise inside and had no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. Decoustics linear Cross Piece Grille finished in natural American Maple wood veneer was selected to cover the interior ceiling of this Golf Chalet.

Cross Piece Grille’s wooden blades are manufactured with No-Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) materials and don’t emit VOCs. Noises are bounced between blades and dissipate into the plenum thus improving the acoustics inside the chalet otherwise containing a lot of reflective surfaces. Blades are secured in place using dove tail assembly, which prevents them from being knocked over during maintenance and ensures perfect linear alignment throughout the entire ceiling. Additionally, all components are fire rated Class A and were delivered onsite fully-engineered and ready for installation, saving time and cost during construction.

The end result is a beautiful linear wood ceiling and warm wood aesthetic inside the chalet.

See more photos on the project page:


Our environment is constantly filled with sound. Sound is produced by person’s vocal cords, the thrum of an HVAC system, or a jackhammer against concrete. These vibrations travel through the air or other media (e.g., ceilings, floors, and walls) to the listener’s ears.

In many cases, we tend to ignore daily sounds, but when those sounds are unwanted or disruptive we consider them to be noise. Noise – even relatively low noise – is distracting. When sounds become noise in indoor environments, it can become problematic. It can negatively impact employee productivity and workplace satisfaction, limit how well students learn, and impact patient privacy in healthcare facilities, and overall worsen the experience and enjoyment inside any environment. Spaces that are designed with acoustics in mind can drastically improve the well-being of the building’s occupants.

Watch the video below to HEAR the difference that high performance acoustical products make in the indoor environment. For full project details, photos and video, visit the project page:

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CISCA 2019 Contractor Gold Award Winning Project by C.J. Coakley Co., Inc. features Decoustics ceilings throughout the lobby and office spaces of Capital One Headquarters, Block B.

Stained Maple veneer Solo Ceilencio panels with Type 8 grooving pattern and Knife Edge design returns, together with Claro Ceilencio above the reception desk add a striking ceiling highlight and reduce noise inside this office space. In the lobby area Claro Ceilencio is installed above the staircase and Solo panels add the warmth of wood by encasing the wall with a window to the office space inside.

Visit project page Capital One (Block B)

Come see our product offering at the CSC Toronto Chapter Expo on Wednesday, February 27 from 1:15-6pm. The expo will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in South Building, Hall G.

Now in it’s 41st year, CSC Building Expo is Canada’s best, longest running technical trade show for architects, designers, developers, engineers, facility managers, specification writers, and construction professionals.

The Top Employers Institute has certified Saint-Gobain “Top Employer Global” for the fourth year in a row. Our Group is one of 14 organizations to have obtained this title worldwide, with 32 certified countries, including Indonesia for the first time. The certification committee singled out the attention paid to integrating new hires, the quality of the professional development programs along with career management, internal mobility, and succession plans.

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