Acoustically Coated Products

OVERVIEW: What is Claro®?


Claro is an acoustically transparent finish that is applied to a sound absorbent core to create high performance acoustical ceiling and wall panels. Claro finish resembles the look of plaster or drywall, it is proprietary to Decoustics and has a number of unique advantages.

Panels can be used in a ceiling application, and above head height in a wall application. Claro products such as acoustical free hanging clouds and baffles can be installed to only partially cover the plenum while creating a striking ceiling accent.

Claro range of products is very versatile and highly customizable to attain the most challenging design intents. The finish can be color-matched to a wide range of paint chips and even made to resemble the appearance of metal. Panels can be curved, cut and molded to create an array of unique shapes.

All Claro products are manufactured for a precise fit, delivered on site fully finished and ready for installation.

Claro® family of products:

Clean-Air Claro®