Natural Wood Products

OVERVIEW: Array of Acoustical Wood Products


Decoustics offers a wide range of custom acoustical wood products for ceiling and wall application. Depending on specific project objectives and design intent, all products have a variety of customization options to meet your requirements.

All products are uniquely perforated and/or grooved to greatly reduce noise transmissions and reverberation time. If higher Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) levels are required, Decoustics offers custom solutions for perforation, grooving, insulation and backing.

All products are offered in nine of our most popular natural wood veneers with the option of adding a custom sheen to mimic other wood species as well as possibility of sourcing different wood types. Veneer lay-up is typically quarter cut and slip matched, but other are available based on project need. All wood products may be fabricated according to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standards and certified by NEPCon, bearing the marks of the Rainforest Alliance® as an advocate for responsible supply chains.

Trim accessories, design return options, color-matching, glossy, matte, metallic finishes are also available to give you the ultimate flexibility in your design.

Decoustics also offers a number of installation options to meet your project needs. All Wood products are manufactured for a precise fit, delivered on site fully finished and ready for installation.

Wood family of products:

Quadrillo sample


Solo sample

Solo-M (panel)

Solo sample

Solo-P (plank)

Rondolo® (micro-perforated)

Fori™ (mini-perforated)

Linear Wood

Linear Grille

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