Versatile and cost-effective acoustical solution that will transform the environment.

Decoustics offers a wide range of acoustical fabric products that attain exceptional noise absorption levels and offer high customization possibilities to achieve the design intent. Vast array of fabric colors, patterns and textures, digital printing, geometrical and curved shapes, as well as the panel construction are sure to meet your project requirements. All fabrics are tested for durability and acoustical transparency to ensure that you reach the desired NRC levels, and they also meet Class A fire rating on a composite test making them a safe and reliable choice for all applications.

Ceiling Application


Decoustics’ Baffles and Free Hanging Screens are constructed using two 1″ (25mm) thick medium density fiberglass cores assembled together to create an overall 2″ (50mm) thickness which is then upholstered. Free Hanging Screens are typically large baffles, which provide acoustical control and visual privacy, and can be used as room dividers.



Custom engineered acoustical panels that are manufactured to be installed in the shape of a dome.  These panels consist of compounded, three-dimensional factory pre-curved units that use one radius in all directions throughout the curve. Dome shaped panels are only available in fabric finish.




Custom engineered acoustical panels that are manufactured to be installed in the shape of a cone. These panels consist of complex, two-dimensional pre-curved sections that have variable radii throughout the curve.




Custom engineered acoustical panels that provide a unique way to create visual expression. These panels consist of factory pre-curved units having one radius throughout the curve.




Wall Application:

Acoustical Wall Panel (AP)

Acoustical panels are constructed from a medium density fiberglass core and are recommended for areas that will not be subjected to abuse or impact.




High Impact Resistant/Tackable (H.I.R.#1) and Extreme (H.I.R.#4)

Acoustical wall panel is constructed from a medium density fiberglass core with a smooth high-density fiberglass facer (H.I.R.#1) or high impact control face component (H.I.R.#4). These panels are ideal for areas with high traffic and sporting facilities as they withstand physical contact to a degree.



Low Frequency Tuner (LFT and ME/LFTx2)

Thick acoustical panels constructed from a multiple density fiberglass core and a multiple density core absorber (drumskin). The installed panel provides a means for controlling low frequency reverberation.





Appliqué acoustical wall and ceiling panel is constructed from a medium density fiberglass core and an Appliqué high density fiberglass facer. The Appliqué facer is adhered to the core panel and can be either flush or raised 3D effect. These panels are a great way to make a company logo stand out or to create a unique artistic installation.



Stria is a uniquely decorative wall panel that consists of a medium density acoustical core and high density veil with 3/16″ (5mm) deep striations/linear marks manufactured into the face of the panel which is then finished with fabric. Striations can be uniform or random – vertical, horizontal or diagonal; monochromatic or multi-colored (stripe pattern), and if desired, with a design such as a city scape, corporate logo, school logo, or similar motif.


Integral Air Space

Integral Air Space acoustical wall panel is constructed from a medium density fiberglass core with a built up perimeter. The air space created by the built up perimeter may be left empty, or filled with a light density core to achieve greater sound absorption.



Reflective acoustical wall panels reflect sound where needed. There are three different cores to choose from, depending upon the application: fire retardant particle board or MDF, gypsum board and Decoustics’ acoustically reflective membrane acoustical panel. The Reflective Panel is finished with fabric or vinyl.


  • NRC Values of up to 1.00
  • Fire Rated Class A Composite
  • Textures, Colors, Shapes
  • Full Access, Seismic Certified
  • Up to 57% Recycled Content
  • Health-Friendly Components


Select one of our most popular fabrics below or specify your own. Acoustical, fire and durability testing can be arranged to meet project specification when not already available.

*Please note the fabric selector on this website is intended for demonstration purposes only. Colors may vary slightly from your monitor’s digital reproduction to actual fabric swatch.

*Carnegie Xorel Strie Line is not acoustically transparent. AirRenew fabric technology works only in combination with AirRenew panel construction. Some fabrics may be discontinued by 3rd party manufacturers without notice.



Decoustics offers a full suite of project management services and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver the ultimate design flexibility. Acoustical Fabric-wrapped ceiling and wall products are custom-engineered to a wide range of unique shapes and sizes, and can be styled to compliment any space. Fabric comes an array of different colors, patterns and textures to meet your specific design requirements.


Ceiling and wall.


Wide range of geometrical shapes. Curved shapes available. Dome, Cone and Vault Shapes are also possible.


Up to a maximum of 48″ (1.22m) in width and 120″ (3.05m) in length. Fabric width must be sufficient to cover panel, panel thickness, and wrap minimum 1″ (25mm) on back side.

Other sizes may be available, please inquire.


Varies depending on the thickness of the panel. Approximately 0.88psf (4.30 sq kg) for 1” (25mm) thick panel.


Medium density fiberglass core.


Varies by panel type:

  • 1/2″ (13mm)
  • 3/4″ (19mm)
  • 1” (25mm)
  • 1-1/2” (38mm)
  • 2” (50mm)
Panel Types
  • Acoustical Panel (AP)
  • Baffle (Type 10, Type 20 and Type 30)
  • High Impact Resistant / Tackable (H.I.R. #1)
  • High Impact Extreme (H.I.R. #4)
  • Low Frequency Tuner (LFT and MELFTx2)
  • Applique (APQ)
  • Stria
  • Integral Air Space (I.A.S.)
  • Reflective (REF-V)

Various manufacturer brands, colors, patterns and textures. Select one of our most popular fabrics or specify your own. Decoustics offers durability, acoustical and fire testing on fabrics of your choice.

  • Resin: square, beveled, radiuses, stepped
  • Concealed extruded aluminum: square (defined*, beveled**)

* Defined for 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” thickness only

** Beveled for 1” thickness only



Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 1.00   |   Sound Absorption Average (SAA) up to 1.00

* For further information on other panel types please refer to the appropriate data sheets.

Note: The information provided in this Data Table is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. However, we reserve the right to make changes when necessary without further notification. Suggested applications may need to be modified to conform with local building codes and conditions. We cannot accept responsibility for products that are not used, or installed to our specifications.





Decoustics Ceilencio® is an integrated acoustical panel ceiling system consisting of a proprietary concealed extruded aluminum grid and panels. The ceiling is 100% downwardly accessible via a unique torsion spring mechanism which permits individual panels to be “hinged” down (or completely removed if necessary) for access to mechanical and electrical services. The grid is suspended using hanger wires, rods or similar suspension components.





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Brochures, Data Sheets & Installation Manuals
Stria Data Sheet


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Brochures, Data Sheets & Installation Manuals
Integral Air Space Data Sheet