Dynamic design using integrated LED lighting with 100% accessibility to the ceiling plenum.

Incorporating LED lighting into a Ceilencio ceiling has never been easier. Utilizing JLC Tech’s LED light fixtures, Decoustics has incorporated standard LED lights into the Ceilencio suspension system. The lighting can be installed in any direction the grid runs, including radially. The integration of LED light fixtures into Decoustics’ Ceilencio grid does not impede the downward accessibility of the ceiling panels. A proprietary clipping system allows the LED light fixtures to be installed quickly, easily, and separately from the installation of the ceiling grid and panels. This has the advantage of total flexibility between trades during the installation process.

A versatile choice, LED Ceilencio can be integrated with a number of Decoustics’ products including:

  • Claro and Clean-Air Claro stipple-textured acoustical panels
  • Metallo™ metallic-finish acoustical panels
  • Quadrillo, Solo-M, Fori and Rondolo natural wood acoustical panels
  • A full range of fabric panel options

JLC-Tech®, a pioneer for architecturally integrated LED lighting solutions, has teamed up with Decoustics, a custom ceilings manufacturer, to develop the integrated ceiling and LED lighting solution for Ceilencio Ceiling: LED Ceilencio. The minimalistic design and tool free installation of JLC-Tech’s LED
Ceilencio lights, together with the Decoustics’ Ceilencio suspension ceiling system, streamlines the installation process for lighting and ceiling contractors and yields an even higher acoustical quality.

A unique clipping system designed by Decoustics enables the JLC-Tech LED lighting fixture to be clipped into place within the Ceilencio suspension grid. This clip allows the lighting to be installed separately from the ceiling system and panels. The special Decoustics ceiling panels are therefore left intact preserving 100% the acoustical quality of the environment.


Ceilencio grid can be custom engineered to accommodate various lengths of JLC Tech’s LED strips.

Linear shapes are optimal for a seamless design.


LED Strips come in four lengths: 2ft, 30”, 4ft and 5ft


Varies depending on length of strip and power supply

LED Options

Diffusing Lens
Cut-off Reflector
Block Clear Diffusing Lens (with option for custom signage)

Power Supply Options

24VDC LED Driver 96W Power Supply
24VDC LED Driver 384W Power Supply
LUTRON® 96W HI-LUME® Premier


Proprietary clip design for easy installation into Ceilencio


5 years on LED lights from JLC-Tech

JLC Tech® LED lights are installed directly onto Decoustics proprietary Ceilencio® suspension system.


Decoustics LED Ceilencio is an integrated acoustical panel ceiling system consisting of a proprietary concealed extruded aluminum grid and panels. The LED lights integrate directly onto the grid, therefore the plenum remains 100% downwardly accessible. LED Ceilencio utilizes unique torsion spring mechanism which permits individual panels to be “hinged” down (or completely removed if necessary) for access to mechanical and electrical services. The grid is suspended using hanger wires, rods or similar suspension components.



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