Nissan Dealership

Featured vehicles at over 60 Nissan dealerships are shown in their best light with the LED backlit LightFrame® ceiling panels that are integrated into a metal structure. This structure is not only an attractive focal point, but it is also functional as the custom-engineered LightFrame® panels evenly illuminate the featured vehicle and absorb noise to deliver speech intelligibility and comfortable shopping experience to Nissan’s clients.

  • Architects: Sobotec
  • Location: Barrhaven, ON, Canada
  • Products: Decoustics LightFrame®
  • Attributes: Translucent, Steel structure
  • Photography: Decoustics

Tags: WhiteLEDRedLightShowroomCar DealershipTranslucentBacklitCarVehicleAutomotiveFeatureLED LightingIllumination

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