Region: British Columbia

KPU Civic Plaza, also referred to as 3 Civic Tower, is a multi-purpose 52-storey building in downtown Surrey, BC that consists of luxury residences, hotel suites, retail units and Kwanten Polytechnic University (KPU) 5th campus. Adding depth to the university hallways’ ceiling are Decoustics 1″ and 2″ rectangular-shaped Claro Baffles suspended by D-Rings and Keepers on wires. The baffles are installed with uniform spacing and vary in length to create circular geometrical shapes. In addition to adding dimension and a decorative touch, the Claro Baffles effectively absorb noise and improve acoustics throughout these high traffic public areas.

Floating Clean-Air Claro acoustical clouds and swish-cloud elements create a dramatic ceiling effect inside a waiting area at the Vancouver International Airport. The clouds vary in diameter from 31″ to 59″, they have seamless design returns for thickness and are suspended at different heights to add depth to the ceiling.

Clean-Air Claro Clouds attain high Noise Reduction levels and are manufactured utilizing No-Added Urea Formaldehyde components, attaining Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications from UL Environment. Importantly, Clean-Air Claro products contain virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds and are proven to enhance indoor air quality and deliver better, healthier public environments.


airport with white ceiling

Reception with white ceiling with LED lights integrated

School hallway with white and green ceiling tiles

Library with sloped white ceiling

Nuvola® acoustical fiberglass clouds are sloping in opposite directions to deliver a playful appearance inside the library of Lions Gate Hospital. Nuvola® is very lightweight and in this case suspended by only 2 wires to hold the design intent. The clouds have great acoustical benefits and ensure lingering noises are absorbed preventing them from traveling through the library and creating a pleasant reading atmosphere.