Region: Canada

Wooden Solo Plank ceiling highlight inside Calgary International Airport

The newly opened International Terminal of the Calgary Airport spans over 2,000,000 sf, features 24 gates and cost an estimated CAD $1.47 Billion (approx. USD $1.12 Billion). Built with today’s passenger in mind it features an innovative and modern space that looks out towards the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Decoustics wood Solo planks with Type 16 grooving are providing the stunning ceiling highlight to the large departure halls, retail concourse and the luggage area. All wood products supplied by Decoustics for this project are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C020536) certified. CertainTeed supplied the drywall, the balance of the acoustical ceiling panels as well as the insulation to the project.


Grille wood ceiling

Wall to ceiling application of Cross Piece Grille in Black Cherry wood veneer finish adds a contrasting accent inside Medicine Hat Mall food court area. A fully finished product was delivered on site ready for installation, which ensured precise fit of the mitered edges of the blades and smooth transition from wall to ceiling around the continuous track.

Swimming pool area with curved ceiling

airport with white ceiling

Reception with white ceiling with LED lights integrated

Office with wood panels

Direct mounted on the wall using z-clips, Rondolo™ micro-perforated panels complete the overall natural look and add warmth to this cozy dining space. Finished in 5 different wood species: Maple, White Oak, Beech, Cherry and Walnut, the micro-perforated panels are manufactured from no-added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) building materials. Micro perforations are a nominal 0.50mm and virtually disappear at a distance, giving the appearance of a monolithic wood wall installation while providing excellent acoustical performance.

Office with wood walls

Office with wood ceiling

Sound control is of vital importance inside any educational institution, as noise can negatively impact student’s ability to concentrate and learn. Acoustical interior products are scientifically proven to reduce reverberation rates, thus improving speech intelligibility. Acoustical Solo planks with Dark Core, Ash natural wood veneer and Type 16 grooving on the face were chosen for the Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School to help mitigate noise. Grooving patterns and perforation on Solo planks reduce echoing and help to deliver a crisp sound, while the natural wood adds warmth and a beautiful wall to ceiling finish.