Region: Houston

Oversized Claro panels around ceiling perimeter inside Phillips 66 Global Headquarters

Innovation, High-Precision and Acoustical Excellence

Innovative Decoustics® Claro® Ceilencio® ceiling makes a statement at the “heart” of the newly built Phillips 66 Global Headquarters in Houston, TX. Inside the P66 central plaza over 27,000 sq ft of oversized sloping panels with 4” free-form design returns were custom engineered and handcrafted for a precise fit to hold the geometry of a complex design intent, keep the plenum 100% accessible and achieve exceptional acoustics.

Setting a new industry standard for this type of material and application, the 5ft x 10ft continuous track ceiling panels were installed at a uniform angle with the edges of each panel aligning precisely to those of the glass railing directly above it. With over 1200 high-performance panels installed, the overall appearance is seamless, symmetrical and striking.

Auditorium with s-shaped wood ceiling

Quadrillo panels undulate from the rear of the auditorium producing a continuous flow between the ceiling to the wall. Constructed from absorptive and reflective material the panels deliver crisp sounds and speech intelligibility inside the auditorium. Panels are finished in a custom toned Ash wood veneer.

cafeteria with fabric ceiling