Region: Texas

Restaurant with curved brown fabric ceiling

Custom-engineered Ceilencio® suspension system holds the pre-curved Fabric panels perfectly aligned throughout the radial installation of the ceiling. The plenum remains 100% downward accessible with the use of torsion springs. Panels hinge down for maintenance and repairs, and are locked right back into placed using guiding fins on the aluminum-extruded grid. The entire installation is quick, easy and seamless.

Meeting room with white baffle ceiling

Metallo silver cloud nuvola

Beautifully complimenting the space Decoustics’ Nuvola free hanging clouds finished in Claro (white) and Mettallo (silver) are an excellent choice for this interior design. In addition to aesthetics, Nuvola free hanging clouds are Fire Rated Class A for the composite product, made with high recycled content and have high NRC values of up to 1.0, thus proving exceptional acoustics in a busy office.

music room with pyramid shaped ceiling tiles with blue fabric walls

Pre-curved Fabric panels finished with DWF-200 fabric are direct suspended to achieve the radial shape and allow panels to be installed in a barrel vault configuration. Joint lines are clean and seamless. Fabric panels have a vapor barrier on the back to prevent soling and attain high noise reduction coefficient delivering great acoustic performance inside this spacious museum exhibition hall.

Hallway with backlit translucent fabric ceiling

Luminous and acoustical 80” (2.04 m) by 54” (1.37 m) LightFrame® panels were installed in this elevator lobby to keep the hallway bright and quiet. The panels absorb noise and reduce echoing in this space with a lot of sound reflecting surfaces. Structural utility channel in the middle helps to keep the panels securely in place and ensures perfect alignment.

Hallway with concave white ceiling and wood walls