Region: Virginia

CISCA 2019 Contractor Gold Award Winning Project by C.J. Coakley Co., Inc. features Decoustics ceilings throughout the lobby and office spaces of Capital One Headquarters, Block B.

Stained Maple veneer Solo Ceilencio panels with Type 8 grooving pattern and Knife Edge design returns, together with Claro Ceilencio above the reception desk add a striking ceiling highlight and reduce noise inside this office space. In the lobby area Claro Ceilencio is installed above the staircase and Solo panels add the warmth of wood by encasing the wall with a window to the office space inside.


Wall to ceiling application of micro-perforated wood veneered panels

Wall to ceiling application of micro-perforated Rondolo panels finished in White Oak natural wood veneer make this nook feel warm, cozy and inviting. Wall panels are installed in segments adding a little flare and the micro-perforations virtually disappear at a distance, providing the aesthetics of a solid wood panel.

Rondolo attains NRC levels of up to 0.95 and is the only one in its class to achieve Class A fire rating not only for individual components, but also for the fully assembled finished product, making Rondolo unmatched in its category.

Walkway hallway with white ceiling

hallway with metallo silver ceiling
Reston Town Center is an acclaimed outdoor venue in Reston, Virginia offering a wide variety of retail shops, restaurants, a cinema and a hotel. The main lobby ceiling was created with the use of Decoustics’ Metallo Silver finish. Metallo is a coated finish that is specifically formulated to provide acoustical transparency and exhibits a contemporary metallic finished appearance. Metallo integrates metallized components to provide luster and sparkle while retaining its superb sound absorption properties. The finish is applied to the face and edge of the panels to create a monolithic appearance.

Graphic printed fabric ceiling

Auditorium with S-shaped wood ceiling

Highly custom Quadrillo ceiling with solid millwork features. Finished in custom-stained Maple wood veneer, curved architectural shapes create a multi-dimensional ceiling, while designed returns conceal suspension and add depth to the seemingly floating shapes.