A World of Thanks to a Great Team

Sandy and I want to Thank Each of You for all of your hard work and dedication for the part you played in the completion of the P66 project.

While the process was very demanding and we were faced with many challenges, each of you and your company continued to stand behind us throughout the process.

While I must admit this was the most challenging project of my career we succeeded to meet or beat all of the expectations that were placed upon each of us.

I personally want to Thank Each of You for without each of your input and contribution we could not have been successful, so my hats off to each of you for making this project the success it is. The owner has moved in and as they work out the kinks our work has been accepted and all punch list items are complete.

This process started over 2 1/2 years ago and it consumed the biggest amount of labor and materials than any other project in our 32 year history.

We accomplished this project with over 37,000 man hours without any injuries. We made over 180 separate delivery trips to accommodate the shortage of storage on site in order to have materials on hand. The contract ultimately exceeded 10 million dollars and had over 2000 RFIs issued and over 300 requests for changes.

So all in all the end result speaks for itself and the owner as you can see in their faces were impressed.

To many this will just be another project but to Clunn Acoustical it proves that having great partners is the key to success. Thank each of you for your part.