Wonderful Experience Using Your Product

Wanted to thank you and Decoustics for a wonderful experience using your product, and especially thank you for having Sal Iannuzzi working with us.  Sal proved to be invaluable in many ways, especially in helping to guide our field in preparing the field measurements required to build the system used.  We can say that the system went together exactly as designed and per the shop drawings provided by Sal.

To be more precise, we were able to show the GC where someone had a bust in the dimensions they built, based entirely upon the approved shop drawings provided by Sal and Decoustics.

Without the right drawings, we may still be on site, trying to figure out the system.

Again, thank you to Decoustics and the wonderful team led by Sal – I know others were involved, but Sal’s knowledge and patience proved to be invaluable.

I would recommend the products and personnel associated with Decoustics to all of our clients.