Texture: New Test

Claro ceiling at grand atrium entrance to Ford Hall inside Rogers Place

Highly customizable acoustical solution to realize the most challenging design intent.

Resembling the classic appearance of drywall or plaster, Claro is a malleable product with superb sound-absorbing properties. Claro is ideal for areas where indirect lighting is required with a 94% light reflectance on the standard white (CSW-100). The finish is applied to the face and edge of the panels to creating a monolithic appearance. Claro can be color-matched to a wide range of paint chips, pre-curved, and custom engineered to attain a vast array of unique shapes and sizes.

  • Extensive Customization Capabilities
  • 94% Light Reflectance on CSW-100
  • Certification for High Seismicity
  • Class A Fire Rating on Finished Composite
  • Fully-Engineered Product